Stockton Cemetery

Section 1. 12-106    SALE OF LOTS; PERMANENT UPKEEP.

 Hereafter the following charges shall be paid by the purchaser of cemetery lots:

                                                                                                                    Residents           Non-Residents

a)    For each full lot (8 spaces)                                                                    $400                    $800

b)    For each one-half lot (North or South only)(4 spaces)                    $240                     $480

c)    For each one-quarter lot (2 spaces)                                                    $150                    $300

 Said fee includes permanent upkeep by the City.

Section 2. 12-113 BURIAL LIMITS.

 The following burial limits shall apply to each individual burial space:

a)    One adult casket and one cremation urn;

b)    One infant casket and one cremation urn;

c)    No more than two (2) cremation urns;

d)    Stacking of caskets is not permissible.

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