The Stockton Power Plant houses 5 Fairbanks - Morse generating units with an SPP accredited generating capacity of 4.9 megawatts. Its primary purpose is emergency black-start and summer time peaking. The city’s electrical needs are meet with power purchase contracts and buying out of the market. All profits are re-invested into the community. The Electric Distribution department is in charge of  maintaining distribution lines and secondary services.  They also repair of the lines, transformers, and the entire system if an occurrence happens.

The City of Stockton Electric Department is made up of 5 crew members Jeff Scott, Electric Production Superintendent, Cory Carlson, Electric Distribution Superintendent, Harley Miller, and Bryce Meuli.

The City of Stockton is on call 24/7/365 for our customer’s convenience. After hours and on weekends you can call the Rooks County Sheriff’s Office to alert us of problems.

Commencing with the 1st full billing period following the effective date of this ordinance the City of Stockton will charge for some electrical services as set out in the schedules contained herein.

  • Minimum Charge for All Electric Customers
  • All electric customers, except Large Power Service, shall be charged a minimum fee of $20 per customer meter per month.
  • Rates for Residential, Light Commercial Service & Total Electric Service 

The following rates shall be applicable to Residential and Light Commercial Service being less than 5 connected horsepower measured through a single meter, and for Total Electric Service where the total energy requirements are supplied by electricity.

  • For the 1st 3000 KWH/$0.145 per KWH
  • Over 3000 KWH/$0.125 per KWH

Rates for Commercial or Industrial Power

The following rates shall be applicable where service is primarily for power of 5 connected horsepower or more.

  • For the 1st 10,000 KWH/$0.145 per KWH
  • Over 10,000 KWH/$0.125 per KWH