Solid Waste

An ordinance establishing the service fee and charges for pickup, removal and disposal of all solid waste within containers placed within the city limits and for all rural customers of the City of Stockton, except the City of Woodston, and repealing Ordinance Number 1569.

User Type
Fee Charged
Single Family Residential - Single User (1 person/dwelling)
Single Family Residential - Multi-User (2 or more persons/dwelling)
Residential Call Back within City Limits
Commercial or Business
$18 minimum or dumpster charges
Outer City Limits Customer
$17 plus
  • $6 for 0-5 mile trip ($23/month)
  • $9 for 5-10 mile trip ($26/month)
  • $11 for 10-15 mile trip ($28/month)
  • $13.50 for over 15 mile trip ($30.50/month)
Call Back Outside City Limits

Fees Charged on a Per-Dump Basis
Construction dumpster within city limits:
  • $13/cubic yard/pickup
  • $25/cubic yard for service provided after hours or on the weekends