City Hall Rental



  1. An adult sponsor is required for each event held in City Hall Facilities.
  2. There must be at least (2) responsible adults available to supervise public recreational and/or entertainment functions at all times.
  3. No alcoholic beverages, liquors or illicit drugs are to be brought to or consumed in any City facility or on adjoining parking lots. The City Hall is a non-smoking facility. 
  4. The sponsor is held solely responsible for the preservation of order and any damages incurred.
  5. Unless prior approval has been granted by the City Manager/Clerk, no property is to be stored in the City Hall nor shall any items be sold, given, exhibited or displayed. The City of Stockton assumes no responsibility for properties left on premises by the applicant.  Any items left on the premises may be disposed of as the City sees fit 48 hours after the event ends.
  6. City of Stockton officials shall have free access to any function at all times. The City Manager/ Clerk or Rooks County Sherriff Office personnel on duty shall have the authority to cease any function being conducted in violation of these regulations. 
  7. All functions must end by 12:00 midnight unless otherwise approved, prior to the event, by the City Manager/ Clerk. 
  8. No reservations may be made until an application has been returned and approved by the City Manager/Clerk. 
  9. Due to the absences of the City Manager/ Clerk, the Assistant City Clerk has the authority for approval or disapproval of all application. If the Assistant City Clerk is absent, the Deputy Clerk would preside.
  10. Sponsors shall be responsible for cleanup of facilities after said function.    Please wipe all tables and chairs down and then leave them set out due to COVID-19, CITY OFFICICALS will spray them and return them to the racks.  PLEASE mop/ sweep the floor after using the facility. 
  11.  All persons attending the function must comply with all state and local public health directives.  If you can’t maintain 6-foot distance for social distancing we recommend you wear a mask. 
  12. Keys may be picked up and returned to the City Office; they may be dropped in the drop box on the North side of the building after office hours. 
  13. The City Manager/ Clerk shall have the authority to reduce and/ or abate any rental fee when an organization is sponsoring a community benefit auction or it is a non-profit nature or it is educationally oriented. Fees may also be reduced and/or abated for any function which are being sponsored for community youth. 
  14. Rates for the use of the City Hall 
    1. Auctions $ 125.00 per day with a $ 300.00 deposit
    2. For- Profit Functions $ 50.00 per day
    3. Private Use- $ 40.00 per da
  15. City Hall Rental Application


The south side of City Hall is to be used only for loading and unloading, as this is an emergency lane. Please park all vehicles across the street in the east parking lot or use any of the street parking available. 

** Any questions or problems, please call 785-425-6703 during office hours or 785-425-8220 after hours. **