M Motel (formerly Americana Motel & Outdoorsman's Lodge) located at 521 N. 1st in Stockton. Call 785-425-6706 for more information. The M Motel has 13 rooms (Americana), nice and clean, kitchenettes available, located near restaurants, and is locally owned and operated. VISA, Master Card, Discover, and American Express accepted!

M Motel (formerly Midwest Motel) located at 1401 Main in Stockton. For more information, call 785-425-6706. The M Motel has 13 Rooms with 2 full size beds. VISA, Master Card, and Discover accepted!
Bed and Breakfast
Son's Inn Bed and Breakfast is an inn in rural Stockton. Enjoy the quiet country atmosphere and be treated to that famous Kansas hospitality. Located 4 miles south of Stockton on North Terrace, the inn can be reached by calling 785-425-6605, or via email.

Webster Lake Cabins (2) are new rustic cabins located on the north shore of Webster Lake. The view from the cabin looks out over the lake. Bedding must be provided by occupants. For reservations, contact the Park Office at 785-425-6775 or go online.

Arrow B Hunting & Fishing Lodge located at 1115 U.S. Highway 24 west of Stockton. The lodge is available for all types of gatherings as well. Call 785-425-5030 or email.

Mikey's Quality Hunting is located in Stockton. The lodge provides professional licensed guide services for pheasant, whitetail deer, and turkey. Call 785-425-7082 or visit their website.

Poore Farm Labradors is located south of Woodston at 1515 30 Road. Larry Poore raises dogs to enhance your hunting experience. For more information call 785-994-6566.